Existují nějaká pravidla guerrilly? Že by byla zlatá?

Pravidla či spíše doporučení pro použití Guerrilly jsou vkusně shrnuty v knize J. C. Levinsona,  Guerrilla Marketing Excellence: The 50 Golden Rules for Small-business Success[1]. Tato kniha by neměla chybět v knihovně žádného marketéra, zabývajícího se guerilla marketingem.



  • Zavádění nových produktů a služeb
    Zavádíte-li do svého sortimentu něco nového, nadšeně veřejnosti oznamte, že jde o novinku a jasně vysvětlete, co je na ní dobrého.
  • Konkurenční výhody
    Identifikujte nebo si vytvořte vlastní konkurenční výhody a na ty potom soustřeďte svůj marketing.
  • Načasování
    Dbejte na dobré načasování; správný marketing, zaměřený na správné lidi, je správný pouze tehdy, je-li správné i jeho načasování.
  • Jak být zajímavý?
    Povinností vašeho marketingu je zaujmout pozornost a udržet zájem co nejvyššího počtu perspektivních zájemců.
  • Poctivost
    Dělejte vše, co je ve vašich silách, pro to, abyste používali marketingových metod a taktik, které nemůže nikdo obvinit z nepoctivosti.

Následuje seznam Levinsonových 50ti Zlatých pravidel v AJ:

The 50 Golden Rules for Small-business Success

  • 1. What the Stonecutter Knows
    Blessed with the guerrilla’s vision, do not seek instant gratification, but find your rewards with farsightedness.
  • 2. Precision
    The ability to accurately define your precise market or markets dramatically affects your profitability.
  • 3. What People Really Buy
    Gear your marketing to people already in the market, and know what they really buy other than instant gratification.
  • 4. Solving Problems
    It is far easier to sell a solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit.
  • 5. The World’s Best Customer List
    Your own customer list is the best in the world—but only if it bulges with information about each customer.
  • 6. Customer Reverence
    Consistently display your reverence for your customers by trying to help them with consistent follow-up.
  • 7. Convenience
    Design your business to operate for the convenience of your customers, and make it very easy to do business with you.
  • 8. The Power of Questions
    Questions lead to answers; answers lead to customer rapport; customer rapport leads to profits.
  • 9. The Perils of Showtime
    Marketing is always more effective if it is looked upon as selltime rather than showtime.
  • 10. Introducing New Products and Services
    When introducing new offerings, enthusiastically announce that they’re new and clearly explain why they’re good.
  • 11. Sources of Marketing Know-How
    The more know-how you have about the overall marketing process, the more profits you will earn.
  • 12. Honesty
    Do everything in your power to employ marketing techniques and tactics that are honest beyond reproach.
  • 13. Profits
    Everything in your marketing should be designed to increase your profits, not merely your sales, but your profits.
  • 14. Share of Mind
    It is easier to achieve a healthy share of market if you first obtain a healthy share of mind.
  • 15. Style vs. Substance
    Emphasize the meat and potatoes of your offering rather than the plate upon which they’re served.
  • 16. Being Interesting
    Your marketing has an obligation to capture the attention and hold the interest of as many prospects as possible.
  • 17. Timing
    Be sure your timing is on; the right marketing to the right people is only right when the timing is right.
  • 18. Cleverness
    People will remember the most clever part of your marketing; be sure it pertains directly to what you are selling.
  • 19. Bribes
    Whatever term you use to describe it, the truth remains that everybody loves a bribe.
  • 20. Economizing
    The key to marketing economically is not in saving money, but in making every investment pay off handsomely.
  • 21. Soft Steps and Hard Steps
    It is easier to get someone to take the hard step of buying if they first take the softer step of requesting more data.
  • 22. One-on-One: Micro-Marketing
    Tiny shares of gigantic markets are abundant and profitable if you serve and market to one person at a time.
  • 23. The Danger of Originality
    Don’t invest money in originality when the investment should be in generating profits.
  • 24. Entrepreneurial Judo
    Profits are maximized when you practice innovative marketing and protect yourself from other guerrillas.
  • 25. The Guerrilla Marketing of Services
    Market your services successfully by capitalizing upon the bountiful opportunities to create a unique niche.
  • 26. Assuring Distribution with TV
    It is possible to have your product sold in almost any store you choose if you use television marketing for leverage.
  • 27. The Designated Guerrilla
    Marketing will succeed only if time and energy are regularly devoted to it by you or a person you designate.
  • 28. Strategic Alliances
    To assure your marketing success in the future, become more oriented to cooperation than competition.
  • 29. Competitive Advantages
    Identify or create your competitive advantages, then concentrate your marketing upon them.
  • 30. The Mighty Headline
    If you have ten hours to spend creating an ad, spend nine of them on the headline.
  • 31. Magic Words and Tragic Words
    The right words will propel a great idea toward success; the wrong words will doom a great idea to failure.
  • 32. Humanity in Marketing
    Realize that everyone to whom you market is a human being first and a customer next.
  • 33. Humor in Marketing
    Avoid the use of humor unless it is pertinent to your offering and does not detract from your offer.
  • 34. The Value of Specifics
    The believability and persuasion of your marketing increase in direct proportion to how much specific data you provide.
  • 35. Marketing Combinations
    Many marketing weapons attain their maximum effectiveness only when combined with other weapons of marketing.
  • 36. Guerrilla Gimmicks
    Despite the solidity of the guerrilla’s commitment to a plan, sometimes a guerrillas gotta have a gimmick.
  • 37. Not for Do-It-Yourselfers
    Let a pro produce your marketing materials, because even a hint of amateurishness can lose sales for you.
  • 38. Spying
    The more you spy on your competitors, your industry, and yourself, the more opportunities you’ll find to improve.
  • 39. Achieving Credibility
    Create a path of least resistance to the sale by paving the path with credibility.
  • 40. Restraint
    Don’t fix it unless you’re absolutely positive it’s broken.
  • 41. Second in Line
    It is wise to aim to be first in line when your prospect buys, but it is more profitable to be second in line.
  • 42. Proving You Care
    More companies will fail than succeed in business, and the ones that succeed will be the ones that prove they care.
  • 43. Givers vs. Takers
    Companies that think of what they can give to people fare better than those that think of what they can take.
  • 44. Networking, Guerrilla Style
    To network properly, ask questions, listen to answers, and focus on the problems of the people with whom you network.
  • 45. Pioneering
    If you’re going to pioneer with a new product or service, you must be prepared for walls of apathy and fear.
  • 46. Marketing in a Recession
    To succeed at marketing during an economic downturn, focus your efforts on existing customers and larger transactions.
  • 47. Luxury Box Marketing
    If you have an especially important client or customer, market to that person in an especially important way.
  • 48. The Wisdom of Moving Slowly
    When planning and producing marketing, then evaluating it, operating from a guerrilla calendar is indispensable.
  • 49. Guerrilla Relationships
    Treat sales transactions not as single events, but as starts or continuations of close and lasting relationships.
  • 50. Eating Life
    If you don’t take control of your marketing, your company’s future will be in the hands of your competitors.







[1] V ČR vyšla kniha pod názvem 50 zlatých pravidel ofenzivního marketingu.
LEVINSON, C., J. Guerrilla Marketing Excellence: The 50 Golden Rules for Small-Business Success, New York: Mariner Books. 1993.  s. 37, 46, 62, 66, 113.









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